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FMC Announces New Arc™ Farm Intelligence Platform

Chuck Zimmerman

FMC Corporation Arc™ Farm Intelligence PlatformFMC Corporation just announced the launch of Arc™ farm intelligence, an exclusive precision agriculture platform that enables growers and advisors to more accurately predict pest pressure before it becomes a problem.

Arc™ farm intelligence is the first mobile platform to use predictive modeling based on real-time data to help ensure the right crop protection products are applied precisely where and when they are needed to improve sustainability, optimize crop yield and enhance grower return on investment (ROI).

I spoke with Brian Angeli, FMC Chief Strategy Officer and Treasurer, about the new platform. We talk about what makes it a first in the ag industry and how it will integrate with other FMC precision offerings in the future as well as other ag applications. The platform is focused on insects first with plans to expand in the future. You can learn more about the new offering in our interview.

You can listen to my interview with Brian here: Interview with Brian Angeli, FMC

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