THRIVE Innovation Series – USDA Innovation Imperative

Chuck Zimmerman

Secretary of Agriculture Sonny PerdueU.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue joined SVG Ventures CEO John Hartnett today in a virtual (Zoom) fireside chat to discuss USDA’s Agriculture Innovation Agenda and the current impact of coronavirus on American agriculture. The conversation is part of the THRIVE Innovation Series. This one focuses on USDA’s new Innovation Imperative and how it will shape the future of food and agriculture

In February 2020, at USDA’s annual Agricultural Outlook Forum, Secretary Perdue launched the Agriculture Innovation Agenda which promotes innovation as a solution for farmers, consumers, and the environment. At the Forum, Secretary Perdue chatted with John Hartnett, about the future of agriculture, challenges facing the sector, and emerging solutions to address those challenges.

You can listen to the chat here: THRIVE Innovation Series Chat with Sec. Perdue (47:30)

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