2019 World Food Day

Chuck Zimmerman

2019 World Food DayWelcome to World Food Day 2019. This isn’t just a Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations event but they put a lot of effort into it. Let’s take for example their suggestions for farmers and agribusinesses to make diets healthier, available and affordable.

The women and men who work in agriculture play a vital role in providing nutritious, affordable food. Whether they work on small family farms or in small food enterprises, their decisions will help shape the future of food and nutrition. Their knowledge and traditional practices are vital in a world where food production faces many challenges such as climate change and limited natural resources. These actions are a starting point for farmers and agribusinesses who want to make healthy diets available and build a #ZeroHunger world.

If you have time to check it out, feel free to comment with your thoughts on their ideas. They also offer a variety of diet choices in their Take Action section. We all want to end hunger but it is a very complicated issue with no simple solution in my opinion.

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