FMC 3RIVE 3D Update at #FPS19

Cindy Zimmerman

We’ve been following the development and adoption of the 3RIVE 3D® application system from FMC since it was first introduced nearly five years ago and we got the latest update at Farm Progress Show from Nolan Paxton, Precision Platforms regional rep for FMC. Hear it and watch it below.

This revolutionary technology delivers a continuous Zone of Protection™ into the furrow for seedling defense and yield enhancement. Designed with convenience in mind, this precision ag system combines the right amount of product and water, eliminating the need for mixing, measuring and tank agitation. One fill protects up to 480 acres, while using 90 percent less water than traditional liquid systems and carrying 50 percent less weight than granular systems. Fewer refills and less weight translate to consistent high-speed coverage and less risk of compaction.

Interview with Nolan Paxton, FMC Precision Platforms Manager

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