FMC on Timely Topic of Managing Prevent Plant Acres

Chuck Zimmerman

Brandon Schrage, FMCPrevent plant acres may be record high this year and farmers are having to decide now how to manage that land.

FMC Agricultural Solutions Regional Technical Service Manager Brandon Schrage was at the 2019 Ag Media Summit Info Expo earlier this week talking about how the company is helping farmers managing prevent plant acres with weed control and soil protection. “Cover crops help in a big part but we also want to make sure we manage those cover crops effectively,” said Schrage. “We need to make sure we are controlling those weed species looking forward to the spring.”

Schrage provides more information in this interview which you can watch below or listen to here: IFAJ/AMS19 Interview with Brandon Schrage, FMC

2019 AMS/IFAJ Congress Photo Album

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