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The Passing of Jerry Stoller

Chuck Zimmerman

Chuck Interviews Jerry StollerI am sad to learn of the passing of Jerry Stoller, founder of Stoller Enterprises. I only met him once but he’s one of the men in this industry who made an impression and impact on me in just the short time I got to talk with him. Here’s the announcement from the company.

Stoller Enterprises Founder, Jerry H. Stoller passed away on June 19, 2019. He was 84. “All of us are mourning the passing of our company’s founder, Jerry Stoller. Jerry will be remembered as an entrepreneur and a revolutionary pioneer in plant physiology, plant nutrition, and plant hormone technology. He dedicated his life to finding ways to help good things grow,” said Guillermo de la Borda, President of Stoller Group. Jerry Stoller was Chairman of the Board of StollerUSA and Stoller Group, and creator of the Stoller Foundation which incubates and accelerates non-profits focused on evangelism and volunteerism.

I met Jerry in 2009 at the 16th annual U. S. Ag Associates Conference in Houston, TX. I was there to create content for the John Deere Drive Green Utility Tractor Show but had time to stop by and speak to Jerry during their lunch break. Jerry is one of the industry leaders I’ve had the honor to interview for my weekly podcast. I think you will enjoy listening to what he had to say because so much of it is still relevant today.

ZimmCast 204 with Jerry Stoller:Interview with Jerry Stoller

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  1. I think that the demise of Jerry Stoller is a great loss not only to agriculture industry but to the whole humanity. He was not only a revolutionary personality but had a humane heart. Though never chanced to meet him but was associated with him though email etc. His guidance is main source and a beacon light for me in this field.
    May he rest in eternal peace!

  2. Met Jerry several time during his visit to El Salvador. He was always interested in learning local practices and practical results. He always emphasized the importance of the roots. ” you guys do not sell pictures”.

    Will always remember his humbleness and enthusiasm to try new approaches.

    Thanks Jerry.

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