Where’s the Content?

Cindy Zimmerman

ZimmComm had a crazy week of content creation – from Destin, Florida and the BASF Stoneville Legacy Club, to the Bayer AgVocacy Forum, the BASF Science Behind, and Commodity Classic in Orlando, and the Mid-South Farm and Gin Show in Memphis. If you are looking for it all, it’s being posted on the virtual newsroom for agriculture AgNewsWire.

Sometimes we gather content faster than we can get edited and posted, and that has definitely been the case this week. Add to that the fact that the Orlando Convention Center where Commodity Classic was held could not seem to provide the media room with decent internet access and we are running a little behind. All I can say is that I am glad it was Chuck at Classic this year and not me!

Here are direct links to the AgNewsWire newsrooms for each event where links to photo albums, audio and video are being posted:

2019 BASF Legacy Club Events

2019 Bayer AgVocacy Forum

2019 BASF Science Behind

2019 Commodity Classic

FMC at 2019 Commodity Classic

AMVAC at 2019 Commodity Classic

2019 Mid-South Farm and Gin Show

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