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Technology Changing Life on the Dairy Farm

Carrie Muehling

Technology is changing the way dairy farmers work, especially when it comes to data. More and more resources are available to collect data on nearly every aspect of a dairy, but with that opportunity comes the challenge of managing that information and using it to make decisions.

“It’s amazing how many new types of data we have on dairy farms,” said Jeff Bewley, Alltech Dairy Specialist. “We have many new technologies to help us monitor variables in the parlor. We have wearable technologies that are kind of like Fit Bits for cows that provide us an opportunity to monitor the behavior of the cow 24 hours per day.”

Bewley said those tools can help dairy producers to better understand and manage the health of their animals. They also help farmers to manage the individual animals instead of just groups or herds of animals. Bewley was at the 2018 World Dairy Expo.

Listen to Jamie’s interview with Jeff here: Interview with Jeff Bewley, Alltech

2018 World Dairy Expo Photo Album

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