On-Farm Audits Improve Dairy Profitability

Carrie Muehling

When Alltech On-Farm Specialist Jeff Johnson evaluates a dairy farm, he concentrates on three specific areas – the people, the cows and the milking equipment.

Johnson said all three factors have to be integrated together for the farm to work efficiently and effectively. He said there are some challenges to maintaining equipment and the milking environment, including weather that can’t be controlled. But other factors are things farmers can impact, like cow cleanliness and comfort.

Johnson also takes into account the other people interacting with the herd, including the veterinarian, equipment dealer and nutritionist, for example, to see if there are adjustments that can be made to improve profitability.

“Are there some different things we can provide from the standpoint of the Alltech products to help them improve, whether it be gut health, which would work its way to udder health, and things that also can help them be more profitable?” said Johnson, who spoke with farmers at the 2018 World Dairy Expo.

Johnson said having a comprehensive plan in place when it comes to nutrition, cow health and equipment maintenance is vital to herd health and profitability. Those factors also play a key role in assuring high quality milk for the consumer.

Listen to Jamie’s interview with Jeff here: Interview with Jeff Johnson, Alltech

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