Stoneville Varieties Show Strong Performance

Carrie Muehling

Stoneville highlighted cotton varieties at the 2018 Milan No-Till Field Day, including ST 5122GLT and ST 5471GLTP. Stoneville Representative Lucas Owen said ST 5122GLT offers benefits for growers in many areas.

“It’s a variety that really impressed us last year. We advanced it kind of for the North Delta, but it does have geographical fit in other areas of the Mid-South,” said Owen. “With this variety, it’s got good early season vigor and it allows the flexibility to use glyphosate or Liberty over the top, as well as our two bT trait technology with TwinLink.”

Learn more about ST 5122GLT here: Interview with Lucas Owen, ST 5122GLT

Owen also talked about a variety released last year that has been very impressive in yield performance trials, and that is ST 5471GLTP, which offers a high yielding potential and great fiber package. It also has bacterial blight resistance and GLTP technology, which allows growers to benefit from three bT genes to fight against a number of worms found in cotton.

Learn more about ST 5471GLTP here: Interview with Lucas Owen, ST 5471GLTP

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