Profitability Begins with Nutrition

Carrie Muehling

Pork producers visiting the World Pork Expo each year are often looking for new innovations and technologies that can help them to be more profitable.

“When they look at production, they want sows that have good litters, healthy litters,” said Lori Stevemer, species marketing manager with Hubbard Feeds. “They want pigs to get going in the nursery, to grow well, grow efficient. And then when those pigs get into the finisher they want them to grow well, have low mortality, and then really reach full value.”

Stevemer said Hubbard Feeds provides nutrition programs and technical information to help producers reach those goals. In addition, the fact that new innovations have been tested in research facilities provides a low risk situation for producers.

Listen to Jamie’s interview with Lori here: Interview with Lori Stevemer, Hubbard

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