USDA’s BioPreferred Program Continues Growth

Carrie Muehling

USDA’s BioPreferred Program continues to grow as technology brings more and more new products to the market.

“We’ve seen tremendous growth in our part of the supply chain. I’m here today exhibiting and sharing information and education and outreach about the BioPreferred Program,” said Kate Lewis, deputy program manager. Lewis exhibited at the Corn Utilization and Technology Conference in St. Louis.

Lewis said the bio-based market continues to be small with about 50,000 products available right now. But she believes technological advances will spur more growth, making products more available and more affordable as time goes on.

“Given the current economic and political climate, this program is more relevant than ever,” said Lewis. “It enjoys bipartisan support because of the benefits that it brings back. Bio-based products can be more environmentally preferable as it relates to the attribute of carbon associated with it. They are definitely sustaining and bringing value to farmers who are mostly located in rural communities and contributing to the rural economy.”

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Kate here: Interview with Kate Lewis, USDA

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