Customization Sets KEENAN Apart

Carrie Muehling

Since Alltech‘s acquisition of iconic Irish brand KEENAN Systems, the company has expanded into new markets and reignited the innovation side of the business. KEENAN Systems CEO Robbie Walker explained that the company’s philosophy is different than most industries where everything is outsourced.

“Because we have our own sales force who goes directly to the farmer, because we have our own nutritionists, because we have this good tie in with Alltech on the nutrition side, we know what farmers want. Farmers can then order customized products,” said Walker.

Even with the customization, that machine can be on the farm within 10 days made to order. Walker said the company can innovate much better because of direct communication with the farmer. Now they are taking that a step further with Internet of Things connection within those machines.

“When we sell a machine, the promise we make is that the farmer is going to have an improvement in feed conversion efficiency. And that Internet of Things connectivity allows us to maintain that promise because we can have an influence over the nutrition in a way that is much more efficient,” said Walker.

Listen to Jamie’s interview here: Interview with Robbie Walker, KEENAN Systems

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