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TapLogic Provides ‘Ease and Control’ in Soil Sampling

Carrie Muehling

Cyrus Alexander and Jason Klotz, TapLogic

Growers who want to handle soil sampling on their own terms might appreciate the connection between John Deere and TapLogic, a longtime leader in “do it yourself” soil sampling.

“We really built everything with the grower in mind first,” said Cyrus Alexander with TapLogic. “It’s ease and control. Control is a big thing… control and choice. A grower gets to have his own account, his own farms and fields. He samples. He knows the quality of the samples, where he’s pulling them, what he’s testing for. And then from there, he gets to see his results and see what he needs to put down where. He’s telling himself now what fertilizer he needs to put and the prescriptions he needs to help. And we just help him along the way.”

Alexander said growers can use the company’s Soil Test Pro software to schedule sampling and gather that information through the John Deere Operations Center, giving them more control over the soil sampling process. Alexander was at the 2018 Develop with Deere conference.

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