Chromatin Growing Sorghum Improvements

Cindy Zimmerman

The first S in the CSS 2017 and Seed Expo is for Sorghum, which was one of the first two crops that started the annual conference back in 1945 as the Corn & Sorghum Conference.

Sorghum has come a very long way since then and improvements being made in the crop could make a major difference in developing countries, according to Charles Miller, Vice President of Business Development and International Sales for Chromatin. “We’re looking at the crop in a way that has never been done before,” he said, noting that there are actually six different races of sorghum with very diverse traits. “So we can take that diversity, isolate it, and build products that are very specific for end uses.”

Sorghum in this country has been diversifying more, according to Mike Battin, Chromatin VP for national sales. “We’ve seen a real interest in demand in higher value sorghum when it comes to the food sector,” said Battin. “It’s always been traditionally a feed stock but we are seeing a lot of demand now for human consumption.”

Chromatin is a “sorghum only” company and their flagship brand is Sorghum Partners. Learn more in this interview from CSS: Interview with Charles Miller and Mike Battin, Chromatin

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