John Deere Features Combine Technology at Sunbelt Ag Expo

Carrie Muehling

This year’s Sunbelt Ag Expo was an opportunity for John Deere to show off some new combines to growers in the Southeastern United States. Technical Marketing Manager for Combines and Cotton Equipment Matt Badding said the new S700 series combine offers three new features: the Gen4 Command Center, the Combine Advisor package, and Active Yield for sensor calibration.

“Right now, what we notice is for a lot of customers it’s difficult to get a good calibration of their yield sensor, of their mass flow sensor, as we call it. And what we’ve got is three sensors, three pads that are in the grain tank, and they’re continuously calibrating the sensors so the customer no longer has to worry about that,” said Badding.

Badding also featured the 635F HydraFlex Cutting Platform, which provides flexibility for farmers harvesting both rice and soybeans.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Matt Badding: Interview with Matt Badding, John Deere

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