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Forever Young Generation Presents Connected Consumers

Carrie Muehling

An aging population in many parts of the world is presenting challenges when it comes to food production. Longer life expectancy in many areas brings with it a rise in chronic health-related diseases, increases in healthcare costs and all of the challenges that come along with feeding the elderly.

Global trends show an increased focus around health and wellness in younger generations, according to Georgie Aley, CEO of the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology. She says Millennials expect more, not only of themselves, but of the society around them.

“In 2017, my view is we’ve never had a more connected consumer than we have now,” said Aley. “The opportunity, the challenge that it does present for producers, or for anybody that’s in the business of food, is transparency. It’s trust. It’s consumer trust. And in an environment of political uncertainty, economic uncertainty, consumers want to trust. They want to trust in the people that are serving them in society. And some may say that producers, farmers, or food manufacturers are serving society by providing food. So, the challenge is, in looking at the future, is maintaining that trust and making sure that we are transparent in our supply chain.”

Aley told participants at the 2017 Youth Ag Summit in Brussels those involved in food production will need to engage with consumers and be in tune to their demands.

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