Methane Concept Tractor from New Holland

Chuck Zimmerman

ZimmCast 557Tractors running on alternative fuels are not new. But what is new is a concept tractor from New Holland that is powered with methane or CNG. The tractor was on display during the Farm Progress Show. Pictured with the tractor is Carlo Lambro, New Holland Brand President. We had a chance to visit and talked about the new machine as well as other products the company is bringing to the market.

“The new concept tractor powered by methane or CNG is the latest development in New Holland’s pursuit of sustainable and efficient technology through innovation,” said Carlo Lambro, New Holland Agriculture Brand President. “Its groundbreaking engine delivers the same performance and has the same durability as its standard equivalent, but with much lower running costs. It combines alternative fuels and advanced agricultural technology to create a vital link that closes the loop in the Energy Independent Farm™’s virtuous cycle by running on the energy produced from the land and waste products.”

Learn more about the concept tractor here. And listen to my conversation with Carlo to learn more about what is new and his thoughts on a slowly improving market.

I hope you enjoy the program and thank you for listening!

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