NPPC Gives Voice to Producer Concerns

Kelly Marshall

Deputy Director of Economics and Domestic Production Issues for the National Pork Producers Council, Dustin Baker, was at the World Pork Expo last week talking with producers about their concerns for the future of the industry.

Trade is always at the top of that list, Baker says, since pork is a global market, but already NPPC is looking forward to issues like the farm bill. A vaccine to combat a foot and mouth disease outbreak is top on that priority list, as is access to labor.

“Without access to a viable workforce the U.S. pork industry would lose its competitive advantage- its competitive standing in the world, and prices would increase for consumers,” Baker explains.  “So we’ve been making the point up on the Hill that the pork industry is heavily reliant on immigrant labor on the farm and in the packing facility. This week we actually put together a labor security task force to look to for suggestions and insight into the issue.”

Baker also encourages producers to weigh in on the implementation date of the interim final rule for the Farmer Fair Practices Act, or GIPSA, now set to begin on October 19. FPPC is urging members to go to to make your voice heard.

Learn more about the latest issues for NPPC in Jamie’s full interview with Baker here: Interview with Dustin Baker, NPPC

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