Lighting Up Poultry Production With LED Sensors

Lizzy Schultz

Steve Parsons has been a part of the chicken industry throughout his entire life, and his company, Greengage Lighting Ltd, is using LED systems to help poultry and swine farmers further improve the efficiency and productivity of their operations. Parsons sat down with Jamie Johansen during ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference, where he gave a presentation on his company through his participation in the Pearse Lyons Accelerator Program.

Greengage supplies an induction-powered system that makes LED lights and sensors for poultry and swine. It uses patented inductive technology, a magnetic conductive system that converts energy into LED lights on a wave spectrum that has been aligned to the requirements of a chicken.

“We try to replicate sunlight and give the birds the best natural behavior for performance and welfare,” said Parsons. “Lighting has been a bit of a forgotten requirement, the focus has been turned to food, water, and air, but sunlight offers so many benefits, so what we’re trying to do is take the natural phenomena of sunlight and drive that benefit into growing chickens.”

Listen to Jamie’s full interview with Steve here:
Interview with Steve Parson, Greengage Lighting Ltd

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Alltech ONE17 Photo Album

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