Tevatronic Offers Cutting Edge in Irrigation

Kelly Marshall

Oleg Korol was a software engineer for the Israeli army when he simply tired of the work and decided to run Tevatronic instead. He looked at several companies before finding this technology that measures plant pressure on the soil to decide when to turn irrigation on, and water depth to decide when to turn it off. If we have autonomous cars it just makes sense that we’d have irrigation that can make these decisions as well, he states, and so his decision was made.

But bringing technology to market isn’t as simple as a good idea, which is why Korol has also experienced his fair share of start-up accelerator programs. “The Pearse Lyons program is different,” Korol quips. “I actually learned something.”

As part of the Pearse Lyons program Tevatronics also had the opportunity to present at the ONE: Alltech Ideas Conference this week. Karol spoke about traditional irrigation systems and how they differ from their product. “This is an infrastructure. It’s a good infrastructure. It does a lot of good for the plants, but you need to be able to make the decision correctly, and that’s the difficulty,” he emphasizes.

Learn more about this cutting edge technology in Jamie’s interview with Korol here: Interview with Oleg Korol, Tevatronic

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