Can the Farm Bill Help Bring Back the Next Generation?

Kelly Marshall

Agri-Pulse‘s final panel discussion at their Farm Bill Summit covered “How the Farm Bill Can Help Bring the Next Generation Back to the Farm Through Investments in Infrastructure, Research, and Rural Development.” The moderator was Spencer Chase, Agri-Pulse Associate Editor.

Krysta Harden, Vice President of Public Policy and Chief Sustainability Officer, DuPont; Laura Batcha, CEO, Organic Trade Association; Travis Medine, Louisiana Farmer, Ryan Quarles, Commissioner, Kentucky Department of Agriculture, Chair, National Association of State Departments of Agriculture Communications Working Group; and Neil Dierks, CEO, National Pork Producers Council, all participated in the panel discussion.

“I’m thinking about it from sort of a macro succession planning perspective,” says Laura Batcha. “Take a step back and analyze the situation, but you have to be willing to be creative and invest in some things that might not be the immediate burning thing that is banging down your door at that moment– and that takes discipline and it takes being really committed to solving the problem long term.”

Listen to the rest of the panel discussion here: How the Farm Bill Can Help Bring the Next Generation Back to the Farm

Photos can be found on the Agri-Pulse website. Agri-Pulse Farm Bill Summit photos

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