Protecting Fungicide Tech with @UnitedSoy

Kelly Marshall

The United Soybean Board created Take Action as a program to fight against herbicide resistant weeds. The program has been successful, with positive collaborations and progress being made. Now they’re announcing an expansion to include not only resistant weeds, but fungicide resistance in soybeans as well.

“Now really is the time to take action and inform people and educate people about fungicide resistance because it’s one of those things we really need to be out on the front end of, before it becomes a really severe problem. So I’m very grateful that the United Soybean Board, along with all the other partners, are making fungicide resistance part of Take Action,” said Carl Bradley, plant pathologist at the University of Kentucky.

Being in front of the game rather than playing catch up is a much better place to be– especially when it comes to resistance. Checkoff farmer-leader Gregg Fujan offered four steps farmers can use to help preserve current technology and avoid resistance.

1. Scout fields regularly for diseases.
2. Understand disease thresholds.
3. Apply fungicides only when it makes economic sense.
4. Rotate fungicide modes of action.

Carroll Moseley from Syngenta and John Motter, Chair of USB also joined in the panel discussion. Listen to the full press conference here: United Soybean Board Press Conference

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