Terry Branstad Addresses Ag Outlook Forum

Lizzy Schultz

The distinguished speaker at this year’s USDA Agricultural Outlook Forum was former Iowa Governor Terry Branstad, who was recently nominated as ambassador to China.

Branstad took time during his speech to praise incoming Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue and share his thoughts on the future of agriculture and economic development in rural America.

“Simply put, American agriculture is tied to rural America, and rural America is tied to greater agricultural economic development,” he said in his address. “Perhaps one of the most underreported national news stories of the past few years has been the economic recession that has hit the agricultural economy and the jobs it has cost in farm machinery manufacturing as well as the losses that farmers have sustained.”

Branstad touched on the projected decrease in farm income and how the current farming economy has created financial pressures that are negatively impacting several different industries that are essential to the economies of rural America.

“Despite recent challenges, I believe there is a bright future for agriculture and economic growth in rural America. I’m hopeful because American agriculture is poised to continue innovation, and I believe American agriculture remains best positioned to help feed and fuel this growing global population and deliver the growing fiber and protein requirements demanded by growing middle class populations around the world,” he said. “I’m encouraged by the renewed interest in agriculture and the talent pipeline that is flowing into American agriculture today. I’m confident that the Trump-Pence administration will support the advancement of innovation in agriculture.”

Listen to his full address here:
Terry Branstad Addressing Agricultural Outlook Forum

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