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Chuck Zimmerman

ZimmCast 531Shark farming in Illinois. I didn’t find much about that on Google. Google knows everything of course.

But I did meet the Shark Farmer, Rob Sharkey, this week at the 2016 Cultivate & Connect Conference in KC, MO. Rob actually produces a regular podcast on Tuesday’s called Sharkfarmer Podcast. It’s not only a play on his name but he started it during Shark Week. I love the name.

The Shark Farmer grows row crops and has done so for decades now. I found/met him on social media got to meet him IRL at the AgChat Foundation event. My presentation was on podcasting at the same time he was doing a breakout so I thought our chance to talk and learn from each other would make a great ZimmCast.

I’m still on the way home to ZimmComm World Headquarters but really wanted you to have a chance to hear this talented and creative young man who is passionate about farming and using this tool to help agvocate on behalf of his industry.

Learn more about the Shark Farmer in this week’s program here: ZimmCast with Rob Sharkey, Shark Farmer

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