Another #ONEBigIdea – Cuba

Jamie Johansen

Tuesday Special SessionsCuba’s newly opened relationship with the United States gives us access to an emerging market and provides new perspectives on it’s lands. The opportunities for new agriculture, technology and food concepts is something we can’t ignore. Alltech calls it a one-of-a-kind opportunity. I sat down with Dr. Jorge Arias, Global Aqua Director, Alltech, during ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference to learn a bit more about his insights into Cuba after a recent visit and the importance of relationship building during this critical moment in Cuba’s history.

“Reality is that trade between the U.S. and Cuba has been going on for a few years. The key word now is embargo. Congress has the power to free this embargo. Everyone is talking about the growing relationships. But the U.S. is already suppling 30% of the food Cubans are eating today. However, Cuba has to pay cash in advance.”

Because of that, Dr. Arias says when you visit Cuba you see a country that looks like they have just awoke from a very long nap. Speaking of travel to Cuba, you better book your business trip or vacation now. In the next two years, he believes travel with continue to grow and naturally go up in price.

“They have many things we can learn from. For example, they haven’t been using fertilizers, herbicides or insecticides for a long time. Therefore, they are really big in organic agriculture. The way they produce is very sustainable.”

Urban farming is also popular. You can see many small farms in downtown Havana. Dr. Arias says it is difficult to predict what will happen, but knows we can bring them the type of intensive agriculture they need. Listen to my complete interview with Dr. Arias to learn more about the emerging market our close neighbor’s are creating here: Interview with Dr. Jorge Arias, Global Aqua Director, Alltech

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