I AM USFRA – Brad Greenway

Cindy Zimmerman

i-am-usfra-webBrad Greenway of Mitchell, South Dakota owns a wean-to-finish operation that markets 6,400 hogs annually, also raises corn, soybeans, wheat and alfalfa on 1,700 acres, and is proud to be able to serve as vice chairman of the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance (USFRA) to represent the National Pork Board.

“Since I’ve been on the board the last three years, it’s been a tremendous experience,” Brad says. “It’s a huge opportunity to sit on a board with members from all different commodities, all different areas across the U.S.”

usfra-pork-greenwayBrad says that being involved in an organization that encompasses all facets of agriculture gives everyone a big picture view of the industry as a whole. “Serving on a board with so many different perspectives and coming up with issues important to consumers is a huge benefit,” he said.

The National Pork Board was one of the founding members of USFRA with the goal of helping to build consumer trust in food production. “We thought USFRA was a nice fit, coming out with a unified voice (for the industry),” he explained.

USFRA has developed a number of consumer-targeted initiatives in just over five years of existence and Brad says one of his favorites is the Faces of Farming and Ranching, which is a group of young agricultural producers who represent the diversity of the industry. “Getting them out, visiting with consumers, putting them on panels, putting a face on agriculture has been a wonderful program,” he said.

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