RFD-TV and FarmHer Form Partnership

Kelly Marshall

FarmHerRFD-TV and FarmHer have signed a new agreement to bring a true-to-life, positive image of farm woman to television.  Marji Guyler-Alaniz, founder of FarmHer, will tell the story of farm women and capture the behind-the-scene stories from the FarmHer online community.

Women have always been an important but mostly unseen aspect of agriculture. In recent years, women are rising to the forefront of agriculture in so many ways; as owner/operators, landowners, workers, mentors and much more. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, today there are nearly 1,000,000 women farmers in the U.S., which accounts for nearly one-third of all farmers.

Everyone remembers the powerful 2013 Super Bowl commercial “God Made a Farmer,” but few know how many women were actually in the 60-second commercial. The answer is three.

“I remember struggling with this fact and asking myself over and over why we don’t see more women in agriculture?” said Guyler-Alaniz. “One night as I was lying in bed this idea came to me and I knew my new mission in life was to combine my passion for photography and agriculture and begin showcasing the amazing women of agriculture.”

“I have always wanted to do a show on RFD-TV focused around the many great women I have had the pleasure of meeting throughout my travels in rural America,” said Raquel Gottsch, Executive Vice President of RFD-TV. “When I met Marji, I knew she shared my same passion and that this would be a great partnership for both our interests.”

RFD-TVFarmHer will be a 30-minutes television series featuring women in agriculture doing what they do best.  The theme for the show is: love the land, care for the community, feed the people.  This spring and summer Guyler-Alaniz and RFD-TV will travel the country looking for stories of women with a variety of backgrounds, including Lexi Marek, a college junior raising and showing pigs, and Karen Archiplay, a woman researching the hydro-organic industry from her farm near San Diego, California.

Additionally the team is planning a float for the Tournament of Roses Parade to showcase the diverse work women in agriculture do.  All FarmHers are invited to Pasadena, California to celebrate.

“This partnership is beyond exciting because it takes what I started with FarmHer, that is shining a light on all of the real and important roles women play in agriculture through still imagery and launches it to the next level,” said Guyler-Alaniz.

The partnership offers millions of viewers the opportunity to see into the lives of farm women, Guyler-Alaniz relates.  “These are beautiful women, doing amazing work and I am thrilled to bring that beauty to the forefront through this new endeavor.”

For more information, please visit ruralradio147.com and RFDTV.com. Listeners can hear Rural Radio Channel 147 programming daily on SiriusXM, online, and via the SiriusXM app.

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