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Wheat & Sorghum Leaders Highlight Industry Issues

Lizzy Schultz

classic-16-nawg The National Association of Wheat Growers (NAWG) and the National Sorghum Producers (NSP) each held a press conference on issues facing their industries during the 2016 Commodity Classic.

Representatives from NAWG discussed several pieces of legislation that will have a significant impact on wheat growers and industry partners, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and GMO labeling laws. Their latest efforts to increase environmental sustainability was also highlighted.

NAWG made sustainability a top priority in 2015, and has become a member of Field to Market, a coalition focused on promoting, defining and measuring the sustainability of food, fiber and fuel production. The organization is involved in fieldprint projects in regions where food companies source ingredients for their products, and has produced two national indicator reports assessing sustainability trends for many crops, including wheat.

Listen to the full press conference here:
NAWG Press Conference at Commodity Classic

classic16-sorghumRepresentatives from NSP discussed the unprecedented sorghum production levels in 2015, as well as the international export markets that have opened up, and how they have begun to increase and develop international demand for sorghum.

While the farm economy is less than ideal for growers across the nation, international demand for sorghum has remained relatively strong. Last year, 352 million bu. of sorghum went to China and 251 million bu. have already been sold this year showing that around 75 percent of the amount projected to be exported this year has already been sold. Domestic demand has also increased as sorghum has entered into the ethanol industry, and has flowed into 24 different ethanol plants across the nation.

Listen to the full press conference here:
NSP Press Conference at Commodity Classic

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