Ethos XB Offers Convenience and Protection

Lizzy Schultz

MSFGS-16-Hancock While FMC has always been close to Southern growers, offering exceptional base brands like Mustang Maxx, Hero, and Command 3ME, the company’s portfolio has recently evolved to even better suit Southern corn and soybean growers. One of the company’s latest additions is Ethos XB, a fertilizer-ready insecticide and fungicide that aims to protect young seedlings in a complete crop protection package. Matt Hancock, Southern Regional Business Manager for FMC, was on hand during the 2016 Mid-South Farm & Gin Show to discuss this new product, and what Southern growers truly mean to FMC.

Ethos XB is a combination of the insecticidal active ingredient found in Capture LFR, with a new bio-fungicide in it as well, making the product one of the most convenient ways to bring broad spectrum protection to corn seedlings. The product is fertilizer ready, with liquid fertilizer application, and defends against corn rootworms, wireworms, grubs, seed corn maggots, cutworms, common stalk borers, as well as Fusarium, Pythium, Rhizoctonia and Phytophthora.

“For the growers out there that are using an in furrow starter fertilizer, this will mix really well just like Capture LFR always has, but now you’re also going to have fungicidal protection from a number of diseases that attack found seedlings,” said Hancock.

Ethos XB is launching this season, and growers can expect for the product to be in their hands for the 2016 growing season.

“We want to provide the freedom, regardless of what seed a grower has bought, they can choose to utilize our tools and get really cost-effective solutions to make more yield,” said Hancock.

Listen to my full interview with Matt here:
Interview with Matt Hancock, FMC

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Coverage of the Mid-South Farm & Gin Show is sponsored by FMC
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