GMO Convert at #AFBF16

Cindy Zimmerman

afbf16-lynasAnti-GMO activist turned advocate Mark Lynas shared his conversion experience during a featured workshop at the 97th American Farm Bureau Federation Annual Convention and IDEAg Trade Show.

Lynas told an audience of farmers and ranchers how he changed his mind on GMOs when he came face-to-face with the science supporting biotechnology. “As a scientist, you must have data to back up what you’re saying,” Lynas said. “And I realized I wasn’t holding myself to the same scientific standards on GMOs as I applied to my research on climate change. You can’t pick and choose where you use science to back up your argument: You have to be consistent.”

He also asserted that we need more advances in technology, and that GMOs are critical to helping farmers around the world feed a booming population. “Science and technology need to keep progressing to preserve the resources we have left,” he said.

Lynas also spoke to members of the media at the convention during a press conference on Monday morning. Listen to his comments here: GMO advocate Mark Lynas press conference

2016 AFBF Convention photos

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