Farmer Fighting Government at #AFBF16

Cindy Zimmerman

afbf16-duarteJohn Duarte of California is fighting the government over normal farming practices for planting wheat.

Duarte planted 450 acres wheat in a field in Tehama County in November 2012. In February 2013, he received a letter from the Army Corps of Engineers to “cease and desist” those operations alleging damage to wetlands. Duarte with the Pacific Legal Foundation filed a due process suit against the Corps and in May of 2014 the Corps counter sued. The case will go to trial in March of this year.

“The reason this has become a priority with Farm Bureau is because this is a very serious threat to farming as we know it in America,” said Duarte during a press conference at the American Farm Bureau Federation convention this week. “My family has spent over $900,000 in legal team and experts … it’s a very important battle.”

Listen to Duarte’s story here: John Duarte story

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