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Beck’s Teaches Students to Honor American Farmers

Kelly Marshall

ffa-15-305-editedAt the recent National FFA Convention Jamie Johansen caught up with Toby Ripberger of Beck’s Hybrids to talk about the message they are sharing with the students who come through their booth.  Ripberger, the Event Logistics Lead for the company, says students come in with lots of interest in careers and the future of agribusiness, but the most important information he tries to share is respect for America’s farmers.

“The big thing that we’re really focusing on here at the FFA Convention is our ‘Why I Farm’ movement.  That’s where we’re honoring the American farmers.  We have a Facebook page and a website for that.  We also have a group, The Henningsens, that wrote a song Why I Farm with us.  We had a concert here and we’ve had a lot of interaction with the students around that. ”

You can hear the full interview and hear more about the future for Beck’s Hybrids. Toby Ripberger, Beck's Hyribds

Find photos from the event here: 2015 National FFA Convention Photo Album

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Coverage of the National FFA Convention is sponsored by New Holland
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