AgChat Cultivate & Connect Conference Two Weeks Away

Kelly Marshall

The 2015 Cultivate & Connect AgChat National ConferenceAgChat is just around the corner.  Taking place in just two weeks, November 9-10 in Nashville, TN, this event will help you effectively share your message in a world of constant misperceptions.

With the online world allowing anyone to be an “expert” how do you build bridges with consumers?  Veteran Digital marketer Christopher S. Penn will address these issues as the keynote speaker, teaching participants how to find influencers, assess potential, and reach out in a traditional sense as well as online.

You’ll be able to do effective outreach at local, state, regional, and even national levels, ensuring that your message reaches the right audiences at the right times in the places where they consume the most media.

Register now to learn to connect with people about agriculture through social media and agvocacy training.

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