Nationwide Efforts of Protect the Harvest

Jamie Johansen

aaa-15-61-editedProtect the Harvest is an advocacy group that started in Missouri five years ago to fight back against animal activists groups. During the Animal Ag Alliance Stakeholders Summit, policies impacting the future of animal agriculture was an important issue discussed. Brian Klippenstein, Executive Director, Protect the Harvest, spoke on how they are helping farmers and ranchers nationwide provide for a growing world.

“We have to double the worlds food supply using fewer resources. Less land, less water, less energy, smaller carbon footprint and it’s going to take lots of work. It’s going to take a lot of technology, modernized practices and unity. Unfortunately, technology is made out as the enemy. Hunger is the enemy, not technology.”

After a narrow farming rights amendment victory in Missouri, Brian said a similar amendment is on the ballot in Oklahoma. Protect the Harvest is also very concerned with what is going on in California. “You essentially have California state government dictating farming practices, not just in California, but all across the country. It’s probably unconstitutional which is the reason (Missouri) Attorney General Koster is leading a bi-partisan group of seven attorney generals suing California.”

We are constantly getting better and Brian reminded us that “tomorrow is going to be better than today.” We are doing more with less and consumers have never had it better. They can find high-end items on one aisle and then lost-cost on the next. “We have a wonderful story that needs to be told. We are serving consumers from top to bottom, world-wide.”

Check out my complete interview with Brian to learn more about Protect the Harvest’s fight for animal agriculture. Interview with Brian Klippenstein, Protect the Harvest

Find photos from the event here: 2015 Animal Ag Alliance Stakeholders Summit Photo Album

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Coverage of the Animal Ag Alliance Stakeholders Summit is sponsored by Elanco Animal Health
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