Alta Seeds Expands Sorghum Product Line

Jamie Johansen

alta_seedsAlta Seeds, the U.S. brand for exclusive genetics and forage and grain sorghum hybrids from Advanta, was present during NAFB’s Trade Talk in Kansas City, MO. Barry Lubbers is with Alta Seeds and shared more about the sorghum industry and the new products we will see from them in the coming year in an interview with Chuck.

“In the sorghum business, we are continuing to bring on new forage products that offer solutions to growers. In the grain sorghum market we are bringing on herbicide tolerance, which is new and exciting for the sorghum industry. We anticipate to introduce three new products this next year that are herbicide tolerant and quickly follow that with another in the next two to three years.”

Barry shared more about how durable a plant sorghum is. He said with the drought in many areas over the past couple of years, farmers have turned to sorghum because of it’s unique traits and the solutions Alta Seeds provides. Sorghum is no stranger to fields, but because of technology it has been reinvented. Beyond its tolerance, sorghum has become recently popular in the biofuels industry and a substitute for gluten.

Listen Chuck’s complete interview with Barry: Interview with Barry Lubbers, Alta Seeds from Advanta

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