FFA – You are the Future

Jamie Johansen

ffa-14-89-editedAgriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack spoke to FFA members in attendance for one of the opening sessions at the 87th National FFA Convention & Expo this morning. He speaks at many different venues, but said this audience is the hardest because he is following young people who are very well spoken, don’t use any notes and never skip a beat.

“This is the future of agriculture and that future is bright. Over 600,000 members in this organization in rural areas and urban. I think it is important for me to talk to the leadership, to hear their concerns about whether or not we are going to have enough educators to lead and guide chapters, whether we are going to continue to have the productivity in American and global agriculture that will meet the challenges of global food security, whether we can continue to do the job that we have been doing in partnership with FFA and other organizations to deal with the hunger issue in the United States.” Vilsack Remarks to FFA

Following the sessions Vilsack addressed members of the media. A few of the topics questioned include WOTUS and the potential idea floated for a new beef checkoff. Listen to the complete press conference here: Press Conference - Ag Secy Tom Vilsack

Find all our photos from the event here: 87th National FFA Conventions Photo

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Coverage of the National FFA Convention is sponsored by FMC
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