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Chuck Zimmerman

Alltech Becky TimmonsThe agricultural media covering the Alltech Symposium this week heard from several key scientists during a lunch session. This provided an opportunity to meet them and ask them questions in an informal setting outside of their on stage presentations.

First up was Becky Timmons, Alltech Global Director of Applications Research and Quality. Becky loves to talk about algae and the opportunities it provides. She also did a fascinating presentation on bees and microbes which I will be doing a separate post on.

Comments from Becky Timmons

Alltech Robbie WalkerOur next speaker, Robbie Walker, is General Manager for Alltech Crop Sciences.

Robbie did a presentation during the Symposium on the five biggest threats to plant growth and yields. This is a growing area of business for Alltech and you will be interested to hear what he’s working on.

Comments from Robbie Walker

Alltech Dr. Alex YiannikourisMoving right along, we heard from Dr. Alex Yiannikouris who is Alltech Global Mycosorb and Analytical Research Director.

Alex along with our next speaker talked in the area of Life Sciences. His Symposium presentation focus was on “Detecting and mitigating the agents in air, water and food that lead to precocious puberty, male infertility and mid-life crises.”

Comments from Dr. Alex Yiannikouris

Alltech Dr. Ronan PowerThe Vice President of Life Sciences for Alltech is Dr. Ronan Power.

His focus was on the work Alltech is doing in regarding the metabolic basis of disease such as Alzheimer’s and diabetes.

Comments from Dr. Ronan Power

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