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Novus International Connects at IPPE

Cindy Zimmerman

novus-ippeDespite inclement weather conditions, the 2014 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) this week had more than 24,000 poultry, meat and feed industry attendees from all over the world and 1,148 exhibitors, including our show coverage sponsor Novus International.

The theme for Novus at the expo was “Understanding the Connections” according to Samson Li, vice president for global business. “We understand the challenges of the processing industry and we bring solutions to our customers,” Samson said.

novus-samsonThose solutions include ALIMET, which optimizes amino acid utilization for better performance during high growth and stress periods; MINTREX, which maximizes shell quality and strength, promotes fertility and hatchability and improves chick quality; and CIBENZA, which increases performance through digestion and absorbtion of nutrients.

“It’s always been the mission of Novus to help the world have affordable and wholesome food and have quality of life,” said Samson. “By bringing our solutions and technology to the industry, we help improve the quality of meat and lower the cost.”

Samson explains more about how Novus helps connect the producer, processor and consumer in this interview: Interview with Samson Li, Novus International

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