Marigolds Provide Lutein, Who Knew?

Leah Guffey

Kemin Industries Worlwide, that’s who knew.

tatt-13-kemin2During the Truth About Trade and Technology (TATT) Global Farmer Roundtable, we learned that Kemin is the largest grower of marigolds (yes, that not so fragrant flower you often plant in your flower beds) to extract the Lutein, a naturally occurring carotenoid – which happens to help prevent eye diseases such as macular degeneration. So, Kemin Industries grows the marigolds to extract the lutein to your vitamins and nutrients so that the largest growing section of the population can keep their sight longer.

Another crop that Kemin cultivates for its molecular benefits is rosemary, which is full of antioxidants. It’s weeded by hand and due to the high concentration of essential oils, bacteria and insects generally stay away. Oregano and spearmint are also grown by Kemin for research in the MidWest and around the world. They have fascinating ways of doing cross pollination and with their rosemary production they have just been recognized for sustainability.

Dr. John Greaves, Vice-President of Specialty Crops for Kemin Industries, explains more about what they do with these special specialty crops in this interview. Interview with Kemin Industries Vice President of Specialty Crops

2013 TATT Global Farmer Roundtable photos

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