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Chuck Zimmerman

Dave GustafsonCommunity 4 Conservation is the theme of this year’s Conservation Technology Information Center tour that just completed. To provide an overview of what the 2013 Conservation in Action Tour would cover I spoke with CTIC Board Chair, Dave Gustafson, Monsanto. Here’s Dave getting things started at our first stop of the day.

Dave says about this year’s tour, “It’s going to be a chance for us to highlight the work of CTIC in the Indian Creek Watershed here in Livingston County, Illinois where we have a number of farmers who have demonstrated great new management practices intended to conserve soil and preserve water quality” The Indian Creek Watershed project started in 2010 and CTIC hopes it will be renewed for another three years to continue the work that has been started. Dave says it is all about people coming together as a community to help improve water quality and to make sure the best possible practices are being employed across the watershed.

You can listen to my interview with Dave here: Interview with Dave Gustafson

2013 Conservation in Action Tour Photo Album

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