Improving Digestibility Can Reduce Feed Costs

Cindy Zimmerman

wpx13-novus-escobarApplying nutrient digestibility concepts and the use of certain enzymes can help hog producers reduce waste and lower feed costs.

Dr. Jeffrey Escobar of Novus International talked about that during a presentation at World Pork Expo this week, explaining the benefits of their feed additive Cibenza DP100. “It’s a heat-stable protease … that will digest proteins to release amino acids,” he explains. “So what Cibenza DP100 will do is help the enzymes already present in the pig and increase the digestibility of the proteins present in the feed with a net gain of more amino acids believed delivered to the animal.”

Listen to my interview with Jeffrey and/or watch a video of his presentation below: Interview with Novus' Jeffrey Escobar

2013 World Pork Expo photo album.

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