Beef Ambassadors At CIC

Jamie Johansen

cic-13-76-editedYou would be blind if you missed the National Beef Ambassadors walking around here at the 2013 Cattle Industry Convention & NCBA Trade Show here in Tampa. They are always sharply dressed in red and wearing a smile on their faces.

These busy young people have been on the road educating consumers about beef and beef production, as well as in their own states and local communities. During this week’s event they have freshened up their cow facts by attending the Cattlemen’s College, chatted with different producers from across the country and help spread the importance of beef by telling their story.

Next on their list of trips is the Boston Marathon where they will connect with runners and share their passion for beef, as well as exercise and being healthy.

Meet the team:
Jacquelyn Brown (Oregon)
Emma Jumper (Arkansas)
Chandler Mulvaney (Alabama)
Erin Morrison (Minnesota)
Katie Stroud (California)

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