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Great American Wheat Harvest Documentary

Chuck Zimmerman

ZimmCast 383Here’s a great project to show your support for. It’s a film documentary in production now called The Great American Wheat Harvest. In this week’s program I’m sharing a conversation with film producer Conrad Weaver during AG CONNECT Expo and U.S. Custom Harvesters Convention. I put the program together in a noisy Atlanta Delta Sky Club this morning because that’s how the @AgriBlogger rolls!

Conrad is a video producer that helps companies who want to tell their story. He also produces documentary films and grew up on a dairy farm.

How does your bread get to your table? What’s involved in producing the food that we eat? How does wheat get harvested? These are a few of the questions we’ll answer in this exceptional new documentary film that’s in production right now.

Over the course of the next 10 months we’ll be filming the story of the harvest. Every year in May dozens of harvesting crews head to Texas for the annual harvest run. The wheat belt states – as they are often referred to – run from Texas to the Canadian border and custom harvest crews travel across these states and into Canada harvesting the wheat that feeds the world. We’ll be traveling with a couple of harvest crews this Summer, filming the stories of harvest. More than 2 Billion bushels of wheat are harvested every year from American and Canadian wheat fields and half of this wheat is shipped overseas to feed a hungry global population.

Be sure to check our web site to follow our progress!

Learn more about the documentary project in this week’s ZimmCast here: Great American Wheat Harvest

Watch the trailer here:

Find out how you can support this project here. You can even sponsor a day of film production! In coming days I’ll also be sharing interviews with families being featured in the film as well as with sponsors.

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