Precision Laboratories Mix Tank App

Chuck Zimmerman

Need help mixing crop protection products? There’s an app for that from Precision Laboratories.

Want to know how to really get the attention of a new media reporter? Send your app pre-loaded on an iPod Touch! That’s just what Precision Laboratories did (thank you!).

And while you’re at it have an already prepared YouTube video with great music and a USB stick pre-loaded with your media kit. Then just to make it all come together have your staff strategically placed on a plane with the new media reporter. Just kidding. However, that’s what did happen when Cindy and I were traveling to Tampa for Commodity Classic. I just happened to overhear James Reiss, VP, Ag Chemistries Business and Daniel Ori, Marketing Specialist for Precision Laboratories talking about it behind me on the plane. So I introduced myself. They were going elsewhere but it was a nice coincidence.

By the way, there are a series of videos on water quality and compatibility in their YouTube Channel.

The new Mix Tank app is designed to support retailers, crop specialists, researchers and growers in providing accurate and efficient tank mix sequences that will enhance profitability and ease.

As mixing issues and interactions continue to cause more problems, the Mix Tank app will help reduce product and money lost from plugged sprayer equipment and cross contamination errors. The free Mix Tank app offers the first of its kind assistance in determining the accurate mixing sequence for herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, adjuvants and foliar nutrition products. With over 700 crop protection products from over 15 manufacturers, the new Mix Tank app can process mixtures to determine the correct mixing order.

“Evolving crop protection strategies lead to more tank mixing and the potential for more tank mixing errors. An improper mix can cause lost time and money, and even lower efficacy or failure of your crop protection products. By using the Mix Tank app, users can get the most out of every tank mix,” said Jim Reiss, vice president of Agricultural Chemistries at Precision Laboratories. “We’re excited to bring this new technology to the industry and offer another tool for growers, custom applicators and our retail partners.”

After downloading the app, users are able select inputs and create an unlimited number of customized mixes. Users can save their tank mixes and share results through email, Facebook or Twitter. As the adjuvant experts, Precision Laboratories offers the Mix Tank app free of charge, providing customers full access to cost-saving tools and additional educational information. Users can also access the series of educational water quality and compatibility videos featuring other tips to avoid mixing errors.

To download the app, visit the iTunes store and search for the Mix Tank app, or visit to find the download link. Following the iPhone app, Precision Laboratories will release a website-based version that will be accessible from internet-connected computers and all smartphones.

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