Kip Cullers Beats His Soybean Yield Record – Again

Cindy Zimmerman

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon traveled down to the southwest corner of the state to congratulate world champion soybean producer Kip Cullers who broke his previous record yet again with 160.6 bushels per acre on his 2010 test fields.

kip cullers“Agriculture is the backbone of Missouri’s economy, and growers like Kip Cullers are the reason why,” said Governor Nixon. “Missouri farmers feed, fuel and clothe the world, and they also create jobs, support local businesses and help our communities thrive. When it comes to soybeans, Kip Cullers continues to take the science to a whole new level, and his work is blazing new trails that will keep Missouri agriculture moving forward.”

One of the secrets to Kip’s soybean growing success is BASF products like Kixor herbicide technology and Headline fungicide, so BASF is providing a way for the agriculture industry to congratulate him on this achievement.

“We are pleased to announce that we are rallying all of agriculture to congratulate Kip,” said Paul Rea, Vice President, US Crop, BASF. “BASF employees will be leading the way in sending personal congratulations to Kip on our Facebook page SuperSoy landing tab, and through Twitter using hashtag #SuperSoy.”

To send your congratulations, go to the SuperSoy landing tab on the BASF Crop Protection Facebook page and upload your personal message of congratulations to Kip Cullers. BASF will present Kip with an album of all the congratulations received during Commodity Classic 2011.

Listen to remarks by Dale Ludwig with Missouri Soybean Association, Governor Nixon and Kip here: 2010 Soybean Yield Award

Photos of Kip with the Governor, and his friends and family can be viewed here on Flickr:
Kip Cullers 2010 Soybean Record

Watch the 2010 Soybean Yield Award presentation here:

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