Farm Bureau Petition: “Don’t CAP Our Future”

Cindy Zimmerman

afbfHundreds of Farm Bureau members were signing their names to a banner telling Congress “Don’t CAP Our Future” at the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) annual meeting in Seattle Sunday on the trade show floor.

American Farm Bureau has been collecting signatures on a petition opposing the Climate Change bill being considered by Congress that they believe will create an energy shortage, reduce food production and hit families the hardest.

afbf AFBF president Bob Stallman says Farm Bureau has become a strong voice for agriculture. “I think the strength of the organization, the breadth of the organization and the influence we have, I think we have expanded that over the last ten years and we can continue to expand it.

Even after 91 years, AFBF membership continues to increase with a new total of 6,277,664 and 49 years of continuous growth.

American Farm Bureau Federation 91st Annual Meeting Photo Album