AgChat Summary

Chuck Zimmerman

AgChatI missed AgChat last night but like you, I can review the discussion via Twitter Search. The subject was animal welfare and what agriculture can do to team up with allied industries and groups to create better understanding in the public and combat misinformation campaigns by extremist animal rights groups. Questions included:

Q1: How can #agriculture work with groups such as @RaisingVoices & collaborate against animal rights activists?
Q2: What specific message can both #agriculture & animal research carry that will make the most impact against misinformation?

I solicited comments from participants since I couldn’t and got responses like:

I was impressed; almost to the point of being overwhelmed. Had Tweetie, Tweetdeck, and Tweetchat all running to keep up!

Our AgChat moderator is Michele Payn-Knoper who did a great job of participating while moderating once again and posted this stats summary from the discussion:

1100+ tweets on #agchat last night with 100+ unique contributors. Great discussion around animal rights & #ag.

I know there’s more to add here but I invite comments from those who did participate to help AgWired readers better understand the discussion.