#AgChat Session

Chuck Zimmerman

#AgChatWe just concluded another great #AgChat session via Twitter. Here’s the questions posed.

Q1: What are differences between the 2 main types of ag production – local & nat./int?. Advantages & disadvantages?
Q2: Family farmers vs. ind. ag, how can you distinguish between 2 approaches (family vs. big) & validate need for both?
Q3: How can we share positive msg about all ag practices, incl organic, even as some claim one is better than another?
Q4: NYC held a food conf. Disagreements aside, they’re interestd in farming. How do we engage & find common ground?
Q5: What other groups can we collaborate with outside of agriculture strengthen our voice & overcome adversaries messages?

We had a very lively discussion. You can read back through it via Twitter Search. The picture is from Twitterfall which I really like to follow a fast paced discussion like this.

I want to thank Michele Payn-Knoper for once again being the “chat herder” for #AgChat. You can follow her on Twitter at @mpaynknoper.

A couple of things stood out to me during the discussion. We don’t have common definitions for terms like sustainable, organic, industrial farm, family farm, etc. It’s really hard to communicate with people who define these terms in completely different ways.

We had a few non-farmer types join us which was very refreshing. One in particular was very open to discussion and explaining a different point of view. Another was there just to spam us and threaten. I think it shows that we are having an impact. As was pointed out, all of our websites (blogs included) and social media efforts are reaching a lot more people than just farmers. So we are getting our message out and not depending on the mainstream media to do it for us. I think we’re making an impact.

If you participated or have read back through the discussion what do you think? Also feel free to check out #AgChat on Facebook.