Go Green Year Round

Joanna Schroeder

logo2As sustainability initiatives move from fringe to mainstream many companies are wondering how to “go green” beyond Earth Day celebrations and recycling paper and cans. The Hondo Group, a marketing communications company based in Fort Worth, Texas, can actually help your company do just that with their new CO2 Management Initiative. Originally created to help The Hondo Group go green, they realized that helping others emulate their success in sustainability was the right thing to do.

I had the opportunity to spend some time on the phone with “Aggie” and President Lynn Balinas who spoke to me about what photo_lynngoing green actually means from a business standpoint. He noted that a sustainable business plan not only helps a business practice what they preach, per se, but is also created and executed in a way that helps companies save money. The agency’s CO2 Management Initiative helps a business focus on five key areas: water, energy, materials, waste, and transportation. Similar to how the Fieldpoint Calculator, designed by the Keystone Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture, helps a farmer adopt more sustainable farming practices, the CO2 Management Initiative helps agriculture companies adopt more sustainable business practices.

Balinas told me about four initiatives they offer to help ag companies. Event greening such as a farm show or expo, green consultation which helps businesses adopt sustainable practices, marketing orientation where the agency educates companies on how to take credit for their environmental efforts without falling victim to “greenwashing,” and the Hondo Green Tool.

The program is currently being beta tested and interested ag companies can contact Balinas directly to participate at lynn.balinas@hondogroup.com. In the words of his son, “Everyone wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves.”

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